Work Ecology

A healthy environment boosts creativity and wellbeing.

Understanding, positive feedback and empathy are the magic potion for a healthy work environment. Brainswitch offers a set of workshops that allow employees to experience and learn about all the differences and the similarities they have with one another, guiding them to have more empathy and understanding allowing them to feel much more comfortable while performing their tasks and working with their colleagues.

Brainswitch offers complimentary consultations and quarterly follow up visits to all companies who purchase work ecology workshops.

What we rely on

All our programs are based on certified life coaching and emotional intelligence tools. We are passionate about creating change and achieving the desired outcome and we never shy away from offering follow up sessions and presenting measurable results to our clients, even when it comes to wellbeing!

Emotional Management for Team Efficiency Emotional Management for Team Efficiency

To successfully manage people means to successfully manage their emotions. EMT workshop focuses on Emotional Management for a healthy team. It introduces participants to an emotional management tool that will help them spot the emotional needs of their team members and consequently deduce the right approach for them to adopt.

Discovering Self & Others Discovering Self & Others

The more you know about your team, the better you can predict their response and reactions. A training program based on MBTI [Myers & Briggs Type Indicator] personality profiling tool where all participants will first receive their own assessments as well as the right tools for them to be able to assess others. These methods will equip attendees with management skills and communication tactics adaptable to their needs and the personality of their team members.

Creativity & Innovation Creativity & Innovation

This workshop is an interactive course based on role-plays, case study workshops, applied creative exercises & proven innovation processes & tools. It builds an innovation culture inside of your organisation by overcoming challenges, solving problems & achieving goals through innovation. During the workshop participants will be developing innovative products & services and optimizing team productivity and applying strategies based on the 4-Brain Thinkers model.

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