Employee Wellbeing

A building is as solid as its foundation.

If recent studies have proven that 65% of people are ready to work for less money if in a healthy, positive, and supportive environment, what kind of environment is being nourished in your organization?

We focus first on the employee’s wellbeing by assessing the latter in the workplace and second on the experience that the employees are having during their work hours and with their colleagues through coaching services and tools to enhance their relationships and reinforce a healthy workplace integration system.

What we rely on

All our programs are based on certified life coaching and emotional intelligence tools. We are passionate about creating change and achieving the desired outcome and we never shy away from offering follow up sessions and presenting measurable results to our clients, even when it comes to wellbeing!

From Stress to Strength From Stress to Strength

An engaging and transformative stress management workshop that will equip your team with practical tools and strategies to face the challenges of life and work with resilience and calm. A wide range of emotional management techniques, mind and body control tactics, meditation processes, and stretching exercises will be practiced, empowering participants to regain control for a healthier, more balanced life.

Emotional & Self Management Emotional & Self Management

Participants will discover the importance and the influence that emotions have on their job performance, overall health, and professional success.
Each step of the way participants will receive practical tools they can implement daily to help them regulate and manage their emotions as well as enhance their interpersonal relationships.

Behavioral Intelligence Behavioral Intelligence

Employees behavioral intelligence will get assessed by Genos Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace International assessment tool. Based on the results each participant will receive a coaching session tailored to his/her needs with a self coaching booklet that aims at boosting their potential.

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